Friday, September 7, 2012

Ingredient function in cooking

People need to eat a variety of foods to provide the range of nutrients needed for a balanced diet.

Food ingredients are chosen for their special function in the product formulation or recipe. The purpose of food ingredients is to change the texture of the food, enhance the flavor and to kill organisms that may cause the food to spoil or become unsafe for consumption.

Some food scientists work for ingredient supply companies that provide many of the key components of food products flavors, thickeners, and stabilizers for the food processors.

They have to know how ingredients function and to take this knowledge to their customers. Salt, pepper, herbs and spices all help to improve the flavor of savory dishes. Strong flavor foods such as bacon and tomatoes add flavor to sauces.

Some flours as wholemeal flour add a nutty flavor, a pale brown color and crunchy texture.

Fats and oil are important components in determining food selection. The organoleptic attributes of lipids in foods include contribution to aroma, flavor, color, effects on texture, mouthfeel and over all sensory satisfaction and satiety.

Individual foods and ingredients often can have complicated flavors on their own. Combining ingredients and then cooking them, can heathen or intensify a specific flavor or may bland them it make the flavors even more intricate.
Ingredient function in cooking
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