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Sherry vinegar

Sherry vinegar is a Spanish vinegar made from fermenting sherry wine, then straining and bottling it. The base is sherry wine, and the type of grape used to make the wine determines the dryness of the vinegar.

It has a roundness in flavor with less acidity than red or white wine vinegar, and subtle caramel notes.

Sherry vinegar is protected by Denominación de Origen, which recognizes nine sherry-producing municipalities in the southwestern Spanish province of Cádiz that collectively form the so-called Jerez triangle.

Sherry vinegar is aged under the full heat of the sun in wooden barrels and has a nutty-sweet taste. Sherry vinegar aged for two years or more is labeled "reserva," and there's even a "gran reserva" type that has been aged upwards of 10 years.

Wine vinegar can be made from white, red, or rose wine. These vinegars make the best salad dressings and good splashing it into soups, beans, and marinara sauce.
Sherry vinegar

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