Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Leaves of rue

Rue is an erect plant that has bushy branches and can appear to be as wide as it is tall. The flowers are very distinct as they can be almost green in color in addition to yellow.

Rue features prominently in Lithuanian and Ukrainian folklore and songs. It was used in church ceremonies in England and became known as “herb of grace”. They are commonly grown in herb gardens, usually for decoration rather than culinary use. Plants grow best in full sun and react well to being cut back each year.

The medicinal and culinary properties are attributed to the presence of essential oils which are contained in all parts of the plant. It is known that herbal and medicinal plants have been used for treatment of diseases, especially in the developing countries.

Rue plant leaves have a strong, bitter taste, but they are edible. They’re typically used as a condiment to flavor various foods and as a tea. They may be used raw or dried for use as a seasoning.

Rue are used to flavor sour milk and cheese and used commonly as spice or dipped/stirred during a traditional Ethiopian coffee and tea ceremony. They are also used to flavor “kuti” which is used as a hot beverage brewed from coffee leaves. The fruits are used as ingredients of the local “berbere” and “mitten shiro” spice mix.

If need the flavor with only a bit of the bitterness, steep the rue in a gently simmering liquid for a minute, then discard the leaves and use the liquid. Rue can be nice used with sour, acidic foods, which help to tone down its bitterness — tomato sauces, dishes with olives or capers, etc.
Leaves of rue

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