Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bitter orange for cooking

Oranges come in two main varieties:
*Sweet or eating oranges including the California and navel organs
*Bitter types, less often known as Seville, bitter, wild or bigerade

Bitter orange sometimes called sour orange. This herb will decrease the appetite, thus your food consumption will be lower causing you to lose weight.

The flesh of the Seville orange is too bitter to eat, but its juice is much used in Iranian cookery, and some recipes call for the intensity of Seville orange paste, made from the juice.

The juice and skin of the bitter orange flavor many savory dishes and sauces and is essential for orange marmalade.

Their peel is often candied and their essential oils are used to make the liqueurs Grand Marnier, Cointreau, Curacao.

Bitter orange trees tend to be more decorative and fragrant than orange trees, Bitter orange were initially used in marinades for meat and fish or merely as an ornamental crop.

Today, bitter orange, rarely available fresh in the United States, are processed into preserves, confections, orange-blossom watery perfumes and liqueurs.

In the Middle East the blossom of bitter orange are used to make fragrant orange flower water.
Bitter orange for cooking
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