Thursday, October 6, 2016

Uses of onion in cooking

Onions should have a dry crisp outer skin, which is unbroken and no signs of sprouting. They should be even in size and form when pressed; softness and moisture are signs of decay and age.

Cooking an onion will actually turn the sulfurs in the onion into sugars, which is why onions tend to have a sweeter flavor after they are cooked.

The green tops of onion or leeks can be used for making soups and court bullion. Fresh onion added to canned vegetables and soups often disguises the ‘canned’ taste and varies the expected one.
 Onions can be prepared for many different cookery methods but the most commons are:
*Sautéed sliced onions for lyonnaise
*Boiled button onions for garnish
*Carbonized for soups and sauces
*Braised onions
*Baked onions

Onions are also used in soups, sauces gravies and hundreds of other common dishes. The onion rings can be fried and used as fast food.

Fresh onions are used in hot dogs, burger, and also sandwich. Pickled onions are popular in the United Kingdom. These are steeped in 10% brine from 24-96 hours, with lactic acid being added to control fermentation.
Uses of onion in cooking
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