Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Marjoram oil

This oil is steam distilled from the green oval leaves and pink flowers of marjoram plant. The plant is native to Southern Europe, North Africa and Asia Minor. Marjoram has a very ancient medical reputation. The Greeks used it extensively, both internally and externally for fomentations.

Marjoram grows slowly and is less than 4 feet tall, but once it reaches maturity, it provides continues harvest cycles.

Marjoram oil has a warm, spicy aroma, ranges in color from pale to amber, and viscously thin. The oil is mainly employed in flavoring the food articles.

It is very much in demand in food processing industries for flavoring the canned food. Marjoram oil can be used as a flavor in liquor, liqueurs, sauces and condiments. Marjoram oil and oleoresins can be used in a various meat preparation such as sausages, chicken preparations and special souls.

To the small extent, it is also used in high grade flavor preparation s and perfumes, and in soaps.
Marjoram oil
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