Monday, June 24, 2013

Tabasco sauce

This fiery host sauce made from tiny tabasco chile pepper and fermented with salt and vinegar hails from Louisiana.

The pepper from which tabasco selected came to Louisiana from the area which is now the state of Tabasco, Mexico.

Tabasco chile pepper is very hot. It is bright red when ripe and measures approximately 1.5 inches along and 3/8 inch wide.

Although the process for making Tabasco sauce is patented, its name has come into usage to mistakenly mean any hot pepper sauce sold in a small bottle.

American Indians cultivated chilies, the main ingredient in this sauce for thousands of years before Europeans arrived in the continents.

Tabasco sauce is made in two types, red and green pepper sauce. The hotter sauce is the red; the milder version uses jalapeno peppers, which are much smaller.
Tabasco sauce
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